So, turns out Vegas isn’t just about gambling, and drinking, and eating, and… well, you know, the stuff that stays in Vegas.

Turns out: it’s also about Talent (no, not that kind – you’re sick, you are truly, truly sick…).  I’ve been invited to the 11th Annual Talent Management Summit, as a member of the press.  The event sounds ridiculously interesting, and barring some logistical challenges I’m hoping to get out there for it.

Fear & Loathing style, that is.  They have no idea what rough beast’s gonna be barrelling down I-15 at ’em.

Once I’m ensconced, there’s going to be a _ton_ to do.  I’m going to get a peek inside of (no, not the shoe side – they happen to do a pretty kick-tail job on the recruiting and retention piece, too).   I’m also going to get the chance to hear from the heads of talent acquisition at some plum companies like MetLife & Harrah’s about how their focus on talent has been evolving.

Basically: I’m gonna learn a bunch, press some flesh, taunt some old enemies (both real and imagined), make some new enemies, and then go out in a mad fit of ether inhalation.

Annnnd… why am I writing about this? Because they asked me to.  And: to make a point.  This is good – no, great – for my career.  It’s interesting, I’m going to learn a ton, and, well, it’s Vegas.  It’s happening because I write this ridiculous blog on occasion – you owe it to yourself to think up creative ways you can get your name out there, too.  Time, it is awastin’ for all of us…