I’ve been getting tons of applications from people who were in real estate – mortgage brokers, real estate agents, etc.  Most of them say that they’ve decided it’s time for a “career change”.  Now, I’m not calling them liars, but I have this funny feeling (and I admit this may sound far fetched) that the real reason they’re looking is because they need food, and food requires you make some money.

I could be wrong, of course.

Most of these folks seem to be sending out blanket resumes & cover letters to any job that seems even remotely – and I do mean remotely – related to what they did.  Need somebody with significant lead gen & direct marketing experience, for a Lead Generation Manager position?  Why, Suzy Bright who sold sub-prime loans to the elderly can do that – Gene Genie, the whiz at your local Century 21 is sure she can be a Design Lead – heck, she’s great at advising her clients what a few coats of bright paint can achieve…

All that said: sometime somebody gets it.  My buddy Ghislaine Miller used to make a good living in real estate.  When the Florida market tanked, she decided to pursue her passion.  In this case, cookies.  Really good cookies, actually.  She’s set up a small business called Laine’s Cornerstone Kitchen, created a marketing plan, and she’s making her run. 

Kinda love it.