We have a new tool – a free one that I’ve been playing with, called Zipi.  I’m loving it.  Here’s why:

First off, I’m horrible about adding contacts into my Outlook as often as I should – kind of a pain to grab them from their email, cut and paste name, title, etc.  Zipi does all that for me, with each email.  So, I’m lazy and now I don’t have to work harder.  Check one for Zipi.

Second, I can search through ZoomInfo’s database of 40 million contacts from out Outlook – and then, add anybody I find there and find interesting into my personal address book.  Makes me more, err, “contactful”.

Finally – I’m a recruiter.  I needs to find people, all the time. Doing it from Outlook means I can find ’em, save ’em, and email ’em from one spot.  Again, I’m a lazy, lazy man, so this is all good.

So… how does this help you, as a job seeker?  Simple.  Software Architect, and want to reach a CTO at IBM?  Type in CTO and IBM into Zipi, and there they are… hmm, maybe I’ll send a note to Martin Nally… The point is, if you have an idea of the title of the person who’d be hiring for the role – or, would be the boss of that person – you’re always well served to try a proactive approach.  At worst, they’ll kick the email to HR, who will feel obliged to reach out to you since you were “referred” by the manager.  At best, the manager will get back to you directly.

Also, Zipi kinda helps with those thank-you & follow-up emails…