I’ve been playing around with Facebooklately, as an alternate sourcing tool.  We’ve actually had some nice success with it – several of the people I’ve found who looked interesting have come in for interviews, and a number of them are still in process, with one at offer stage.  I started tracking the numbers (because I like metrics), and started to realize that the success rate with Facebook is actually pretty darned high,

I run my searches by using the a Proile Search feature.  I can plug in a job title, location, schools, etc, and get a pretty good list.  From there, I can take a look at your profile and make some assumptions about the person – are they passionate about their career (love that), do they have good judgement skills, etc.

Facebook gives me an interesting 360 view on who you are as a person – professionally as well as socially.  The groups and associations you belong to give me a hint how passionate you are about your career.  If your interests include things like “binge drinking” “SMOKING BLUNTS!!!”, they tell me about your judgement skills (seriously – those are cut and pastes from people who are old enough – ie, have jobs they may want to keep).  If it’s the middle of the week, and your status from 11 am that morning is about how you’re still hungover at work from the night before, well, assumptions galore on this end…

That said: _great_ personal branding tool.  Write a blog. tweet, etc?  Tie ’em into Facebook.  Have a LinkedIn profile? Tie it in.  Use the right apps, join the right groups, and make yourself look like a subject matter expert with a few clicks of the mouse.

Long story short, keep it clean, people., and use it to sell yourself. Yeah, yeah I know – “but it’s private, it’s for fun, blah-blah-blah.”  The minute ol’ Zuckerbergdecided to open it up to anyone over 13, it became fully public.  What you do there can – and, more and more so, will – be held for or against you.  It’s the Internet: nothing’s private.