If it isn’t obvious enough by now, I appreciate a well-written cover letter.  Clearly, Bill Vick does too – and he’s written a great post on how/ why candidate’s should put them together.  Admittedly, I have colleagueswho disagree with me on this – and, they make some valid points against the cover letter – but I’m still a fan.  A bland cover letter won’t necessarily get you knocked out here, but a bad one probably will.  It’s one of our first gauges of your overall horsepower: can they communicate with the written word? are they smart enough to target each job, and willing to do some research to do this? do they understand that they’re first approach to us will likely set the tone for our relationship – or at least, the courtship/ heavy petting/ ohdammitnowwehavetogetmarried phase?

Good stuff, ’nuff said.