Yuck.  Look, here’s the thing: it’s not that hard to put some freaking effort into applying for a job.  And, the way you apply tells me tons about you as a person.

The candidates who approach with a decently compelling cover letter, chronological resume, and normalized e-mail address (yup – I look for signs of weirdness and reasons to rule you out everywhere) tend to be the ones who come into the interview the same: prepped, confident but not cocky, aware that an interview is a two-way street, and generally nice people you’d want to hire.

The ones who do the following, well, they just get made fun of here:

  • Texting from your Blackberry about how you’re a fit for the job, in IM speak, with no resume, just vague descriptors of how great you are (ie: I was secretly surfing the Web at work, saw a job on Craigslist that looked interesting, and texted in a 5 sec message with my thumbs).  Thanks for wasting my freaking time – but, hey, now I know your name, it’s saved in my ATS, and if you ever send in an actual application I’ll know you’re the same doofus because my ATS will remind me that you’ve applied before and I’ll take a look at your last application and know to blow you off.  Good going.
  • Using your personal, clearly-made-up-for-a-dating/flirt-site e-mail address.  Seriously??  Email addresses are free, you know.  This is a (slightly modified but not much so I don’t catch heat) sample of one I got today: flirtyenglishroseforu@
    • And trust me, the resume stank – who signstheir resume (ie: Thanks, XXX)?  And in that weirdo Gig font??
  • Using the wrong company’s name – and position – in a cover letter.  Oh, wait, then they went on to describe their career goal as “haveing (spelling mistake: theirs)always wanted to work for the world’s leading insurance firm”.  Oh, yeah – that last bit? Buddy, check out AIG’s latest news, and maybe move on…

Just a rant, thanks for hearing me out…