Annnnd…. this is me just doing a little bit of blatant SEO.  If you stumbled upon me using some combo of the above, then you should hustle on over to our careers site– we’re hiring.  I haven’t gotten all of the officially signed reqs yet, but suffice it so say that the game’s afoot.

Here’s why we rock:

  • Bleeding edge technology – we built an AI, fer the love of Pete, and we’re heavily into natural language processing.
  • Focus on making money – hot technology is cool & sexy, but if nobody knows how to make money off of it, then well, it’s just vapor.  You need to make money off the initial idea, so that you can keep it growing.
    • Oh, and it’s nice to get those profit sharing checks.  And, to have all those stock options (everyone who works here gets ’em).
  • We’re not worried about the economy.
    • Okay, that one’s a stretch.  We’re human, so we worry.  But: we’re not worried about our job security.  We’re making money, staying ahead of costs, and have hugs cash reserves.
  • We hire people we like, and who we think will help us keep ZoomInfo what it, so blatantly, is:
    • Fast paced
    • Innovative
    • Profitable
    • Fun

If you’re into it, cool.  I’m especially interested in engineers with innovative ideas and passion.  Some of the key pieces I need to fill are in: QA Automation; Web Dev/ CSS; Core Engineering (object oriented programmers who’ve built, or rebuilt, a system).

So, reach on out.  Tell us why your rock so hard: what have you done that you think’s really interesing, had an impact, all of that.  Tell us what you want to do next.  Even if you aren’t sure about a job change, reach out – if nothing else, you’ll get to talk to some great engineers, and might even find your dream job.



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