I have a few pet peeves – awww, hell, who am I kidding: I get annoyed when the wind speed changes.  Just Martin being Martin, as it were.

But, this one cost somebody an interview (that, and the fact that he changes jobs every 12 months, and yet somehow “magically” manages to have at least 18 bullet-point “Responsibilities” per job – more ranting on that below*).  Here’s something I hate.  This cover letter:


I have attached my resume for this position, Right Now i m working as the Sr QA analyst/Lead in healthcare software company based in Cambridge Ma and living in Acton Ma. I m full time employee. My Current Visa status is H1b Visa.

If You have Any question or concern plz let me know

See, I’m fine with the visa – heck, I love it, wish there were more to give out – cutting visa’s down to a trickle will have long term affects that may cripple our growth in the years to come (Why? Brain drain – well, in this case, brain dam.  And the fact that smart, hard-working immigrants tend to make smart, hard-working kids who are extremely grateful to the country that gave their parents a chance to fulfill their dreams).  Just one of the ripple effects from the past 8 years – the current crisis is just the first of many to come, I’m afraid.

It’s the “thx” and the random capitalizations.  And, well, the fact that one of the job requirements is that you know how to communicate.

*Look: If you’ve only been at a job from March to October, there’s absolutely no freaking way you had 24 distinct responsibilities.  Let me repeat: there is no freaking way…  This was a massive multinational, so you spent March to May just figuring out everyone’s name, where the  bathroom was, and what dumb requests pissed off IT the most.  You spent the next 4 months on some projects, many of which involved matching the appropriate cover sheet to the TPS reports.  You socialized, and basically failed miserably at your job, because you show a pattern of that, and then started getting your resume updated, and spamming it out to poor suckers like me.  You didn’t do much, in other words.  Keep it simple, because – while I may not be qualified to be the leader of the free world (which doesn’t make my unelectable) – I’m not an idiot.