(Full disclosure: blatant SEO attempt, but shoot, can’t blame me for trying everything…)

We’re looking for somebody special: understands SEO/ SEM/ viral marketing.  Loves figuring out how to drive traffic to a site.  Loves taking that traffic, slicing & dicing it to understand it.  And: loves finding ways to convert that traffic into paying customers.  eComm style.  There’s more, here.

Just a quick nugget.  We have over 5 million uniques on our site every month.  We’ve developed a bunch of new, ecommie products that we want to sell to those millions – heck, .4% would be a ridiculous success.   Think you have the chops – both on the interactive, SEO etc side, as well as on the customer acquistion side?  Want a job where you’ll be a Big Kahuna?  (I have no idea what that means, I’m just blathering at this point)

ZoomInfo’s pretty special – and I don’t mean short-bus special.  Just pretty freaking cool, making money, making products, and enjoying the ride.  Care to join us?