Seriously – it might be why we’re still hiring in this economy.  Don’t believe me?  Smart.  But: I have words with quotation marks around them to back me up…

Sales & Marketing

“ZoomInfo PowerSell becomes the lifeblood of both your marketing and sales departments. With it you can actually get in front of the right decision maker. Your emails actually get through!”
– Matthew Gonnering, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Widen

“I consider ZoomInfo PowerSell to be my silent partner. I prospect new clients all day long – PowerSell connects me with the right people 90-plus percent of the time.”
– Richard Erb, VP, Business Development, CrossTech Media

“I can’t tell you how much PowerSell has opened up doors for me. Using ‘Web References’ I can look for board members, business school classmates, club member names and I don’t have to search. I can look for anyone who graduated from Princeton and lives in Portland – chances are they know each other.”
– Mark Cleve, Division VP, Tom James & Co.

“With ZoomInfo, we’re able to streamline our lead gen process and cut costs by spending less time researching and more time selling.”

Keith Altman, GM, Bridgevine Business

“ZoomInfo helps me be a better sales person because it makes it easy to research the companies I’m trying to reach. I pick up the phone knowing exactly what to say. I go to ZoomInfo before I go anywhere else.”
– Janet Lerch, Senior Corporate Sales Representative, IEEE, Inc.


“I’ve been using ZoomInfo for a few years now, and I love the tool. It’s helped me be more successful at my job by saving me hours of research and cold calling by uncovering the most qualified and interested candidates.”

Jan Nickerson, Consultant, FGP International

“The cost of ZoomInfo pales in comparison to the ROI I get from using it.”

Dave Knutson, President, The Knutson Group

“We spent a lot of time looking at different ‘data suppliers’, and we chose ZoomInfo PowerSearch for its high degree of accuracy and currency of information.”

– Dan Loughman, VP of Research, Angott Search Group

“In a world where customer care is lacking, ZoomInfo excels. We did a thorough investigation and comparison of technologies prior to agreeing to a contract, we found them a good choice at the beginning of our relationship and even a better one since.”

Richard Andersen, CEO, GoldStar-Global

“ZoomInfo can be much more powerful than a large company’s database – it levels the playing field for smaller firms like ours. I even tell my competitors to use it.”

Dora Vell, President, Vell Associates

“ZoomInfo is like having multiple employees at your fingertips that do exactly what they’re supposed to do.”
– Steve Brody, Founder, Brody Executive Search

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