And, not from me – which may make this the most effective post on this blog.  I’m a fan of Jason Alba.  He took the whole “get serious about your job search” to a whole new level, and a company was born from those efforts (neat trick, by the way, Jason).  Jason’s got a great point to make in his latest blog post about job-search being a full-time job in and of itself.

I will say that this post is geared towards the out of work – I know Jason (dad of 4, annnnd: WTf were you thinking, man???) can sympathize with the fact that if you’re a working parent, there’s no way in hell you can shoehorn in 40 more hours for your search.  My advice there would be to expect your search to take longer in terms of weeks/ months, but just be grateful for that steady paycheck – makes you part of an increasingly elite percent.

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