Quick tip from behind the Green Curtain: I’m looking for a software engineer with experience working with core Java, and (hopefully) some semantic Java experience.  Just did two searches that I think you, as a job seeker, should be aware of:

  1. Ran a search on Slideshare looking for people who’ve posted presentations they’ve made around those topics, and reached out to the interesting ones
    • If you’ve ever done a presentation on the topic you make your bread from, you should upload it and be found by geeks like me
  2. Ran a search through Twitter for people who’ve used phrases like “semantic java”, “core java”, “java”, etc recently.  I also added in “software engineering job” as a variable to each search (and removed to expand them)
    • If you’re looking for a job, create a Twitter account (takes about a minute), and make some comments (I don’t like using Twitter lingo, because they make my 20 month old sound like a linguist by comparison, but they call them “tweets” – I know, I know… just don’t ever call me one of your “tweeple”, or we’re going to have words.  Mine will actually make sense)
    • As you grow your list of followers/ followees, makes sure you connect with people that might be able to help you, and that you can help
    • Occasionally mention that you’re: a [insert your profession here] who’s looking for a job – use variations.  The key thing is to imagine me, trying to find you, using keyword searches.  Make sure you put out ones that help me find my way to you.
    • Feel free to follow me
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