…to conduct a job search.  This runs counter to some public opinion (companies aren’t hiring, people are on vacation and can’t interview, etc).  So far from the truth.  Fact is, business never stops, and companies don’t stop hiring just because the weather’s a bit warmer.  If anything, this is a great time to seek a job out.  Why?  Less competition.  Think about it: thanks to that common misconception, your competition for jobs is probably slowing down their searching.  They’re also likely sitting tight because they have some vacation planned and don’t want to lose that week in Maine because of a new job. 

Now, it can be tricky getting noticed during the summer, and responses from HR can be slower, because there is some truth to idea that vacation time within your target company means that the person you apply to may be out for a week or two and you’re resume won’t get looked at for awhile – worse yet, it may become buried.  So you need to accomodate for that.  Apply the usual way, but then try and find an alternate contact at the company (ideally, someone who looks like the might be a/ the manager in the department you’re applying to) – you can use a tool like ZoomInfo’s Fresh Contacts to find these folks.  Once you have that alternate, wait a day or two and then shoot them a note, along the lines of:


I applied for the role of Software Engineer – Java/ J2EE with ZoomInfo a few days back.  Since I’m assuming this is an important position for you, and I think I’m a good match for it, I wanted to make you aware of my interest in case the person who normally handles resume screening is on a summer vacation.  I’m attaching a copy of my resume – feel free to get back to me with any questions.  Hope you’re having a lovely summer!

Are you being a pest? Nope!  You’re considerate, and courteous.  Best part about this?  If your resume wound up in an HR black hole, and you really are a good fit, that manager will be banging on doors to get you in for an interview.