Not my usual thing, but couple good posts (below) on how to dress for the office – especially useful if you’re graduating in December and need to figure out what the hell “business casual” actually means (hint – it requires an iron, or a good drycleaner). Don’t break the bank – the trick is to get a few good foundational pieces that you can mix up when you need to (for guys, it’s a couple solid colored button downs, sport coat, khakis, nice jeans, and some basic black and brown shoes – from there, as your paycheck permits [ie, after the student loan payment, rent, bills, 10% to your “oof – I just got laid off fun”] start picking up more intersting pieces like checked shirts, funkier shoes for Fridays, etc.

And, before you get all “I’m a free spirit, I work in tech, I like flip-flops”, here’s some advice: who do women think is sexier? A man in a suit with an open collared shirt on, or a dude in flip flops & an ironic t-shirt? If you guessed suit, yup. Because it looks like you’re on your way to success – and that impresses people in the business world, too.

Dressing for the Interview

I got the job – oh, crap, now what to wear to work??

Office Dress Code for Men

Office Dress Code for Women