So, this is one of those “dammit, I wish I’d written that” moments: Hulu just unleashed the mother of all job descriptions for a Minister of People.  Now, I know, I know – crafting funky titles to try and describe what the head of recruiting does back in the b(oom/ust) was an art in and of itself (and, honestly, made for some rather strange titles).  Hulu does make a point of saying this one’s a placeholder.

But the job description can be – to my mind – a work of art. Hulu clearly gets this: they’ve decided to craft a call to action, a campaign piece that will tug at the best of us in the industry.  Hell, if it wasn’t clear across the country, I’d be thinking “wow.  Dare I?”

Huge kudos to them for this one. It’s clear they get the fact that a company is absolutely nothing without the best people, all pointed in the right direction, and working at their highest level.  I think they’re gonna make it…