I met Chip Correra – former CTO of Third Screen Media & Spring Partners – about oh, 6 months ago.  Good guy. Sharp. Strong opinions. He’s got a solid blog (Chip’s Half Baked Ideas) that I like to keep up with. In a post he published recently called “Recruiting in Down Economies“, he’s spot on. He makes the point that just because companies hold the cards right now on the recruiting front, it’s foolish for them to change their behaviors and process (ie, get lazy/ take things for granted).

There are a number of companies that are about to reap the whirlwind of this type of behavior. The job market has turned around – economists are starting to warm to that idea, and it’s making its way into Beltway talk, but those are the people who by nature of their roles get the news late. If you want to gauge the job market, there’s a really simple way to do it: track the number of openings with recruiter/ talent acquition/ etc in them. If there’s a spike, that means the agencies are getting busy, and corporate HR departments are adding to their talent teams. There’s only one thing that can drive this type of activity: hiring.  Since I’m keeping my eyes open for something interesting (couple examples here: 1 2), I’ve been tracking recruiting job listings on Indeed, and man: it’s getting busy out there.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re involved with hiring, check your process, employmen brand, and pipeline. They’re all about the get tested. Again.

Posted via web from Martin Burns’s Evolving Work