Gang: here’s a chance to help a student out, advance our understanding of leadership, and take a survey (okay, points 1 & 2 are probably more compelling than 3).  That said: a very nice grad student at Erasmus (over in the Netherlands – that’s right, I roll on both sides of the Pond) asked me if I could ask you all for some quick help. It’s a 10 minute survey – I took it myself, and I swear it’s not ridiculous. She needs the data for her masters research, and plans on using it in the real world.

If you are – or have been – a manager, help her out.  Do some good. Click some boxes.

Thanks (or should I say: “dahnk yuh vel”?)*

*The only foreign-language phrase more important than Thanks, Hello, and Goodbye to learn before traveling abroad is: “Where’s the bathroom?”