Hey, you.

Psssst – yeah, you. The one with the job you kinda-sorta like, where you’ve been comfortable for a couple of years. The problems are relatively interesting – not amazing, and, honestly, getting redundant – and you know where the cafeteria is, the short cuts home, all of that. Frankly, it’s not great – morale’s down, and turnover’s increasing, but, hey, it’s better than nothing, right?


No. No, it isn’t. We both know you’d be happier somewhere else. We also know the economy the past few years made the idea of a job search, well, dicey. Out of the frying pan, a quick bounce into the fire, and then likely into the unemployment line. So you held onto your job, watched friends get axed, took on their work, maybe (if you were lucky) took on some extra pay as a “thank you for doing three people’s jobs, here’s a nickel” kind of thing, and quietly said “I’ll move when it’s better.”

It’s better. Really, really better. I’m kind of at the tip of the spear when it comes to hiring, just the nature of my role, and I’m busy.  Frankly, I’m busy enough that I need candidates more than I need clients. The seesaw supply-and-demand nature of my industry just flipped (as it does, over and over and…)

In any event, I’m looking for a few good people – primarily software engineers – for clients in and around Boston. The opportunities I’m working on range from consulting to product development to R&D. Tech from .NET to Java, Ruby to Python.

Spread the word, and reach out yourself if you’re interested. The game’s afoot. You can reach me at: mrtnburns AT gmail