When you send in resume, make sure it matches your LinkedIn profile (this is dead-easy to do, and there’s no excuse not to). Also, when the recruiter/ HR/ whoever drops your e-mail into Facebook search (look, Virginia, no there isn’t a Santa Claus, and yes, you’re gonna get Facebook checked), make sure what comes up is professional, and is actually you. Not some fake profile you created to play Mafia Wars when your boss wasn’t looking. I mean, is your name really Mad Eyes Marilyn Mondroe?  That’s actually kindda basass, if it is. But when your resume says “Jane Smith”, we have to assume the worst. That, or you’re a secret-assassin.

If nothing else, make the list of Zynga Games you “like” non-public, and don’t use the same e-mail address you’re using on your resume.

Here’s the interpretation: If you’ve gone to the trouble of creating a fake profile for gaming, and like everything from Farmville to Palookaville, it’s a safe bet you’re spending your working hours planting watermellons, and offing Mafia dons. That, and you’d rather live in that rather sad, shallow world, and can’t even spend the time to hit the “Import Your Resume” button on LinkedIn. You’re considered damaged goods, DOA as a candidate.

Just a thought.

I Promise You, I Thought This Was Satire