No. Just… no. This will not get you a job. Or even qualify as an attempt to get one.

Good Evening, (it’s 9:54 am – so, points off for not understanding time zones)

Hope it is a nice day. (well, it just kinda got better – I mean, now I have something for a new blog post, so I’ve got that going for me)

Attached is my resume. (No, it isn’t) I have more than 10 year of IT experience. I am looking
SharePoint or dot net Project. (Don’t let not knowing how to use punctuation stop you – wait, don’t developers need to know where to put commas and things? Seem to recall an Office Space scene about that) Please advice. (Well, for starters: I have no idea who you are, and don’t think you can spell. Spamming this e-mail out to every job listing on Craigslist/ Dice/ Stack Overflow will likely frustrate you, and get you blogged about.)

Thanks, (Oh, no, thank _you_)