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So, Microsoft. Great platform, well supported, and lots of buzz around Windows 8. And – lots of need for developers with expertise in Microsoft technologies right now around Boston. If you’re passionate about the technology, get in touch. I’m working with two clients you should talk with.

One of them is the most elite MS-tech focused consulting firms in the Microsoft universe (seriously – people like Rocky Lhotka call Magenic home). They’re brought in to do the hard stuff – continuous greenfield development in special-forcesesque development teams that work onsite with clients in and around Boston.

The other is focused on product development using .NET, and they are _booming_. 10% growth during the recession, 20% this year. Over 800 employees, privately held, and on a gorgeous riverside campus north of Boston in a coastal town. Green buildings, amazing quality of life, and engineering focused.

The tech experience I’m looking for runs the gamut from .NET 4.0 to C#, ADO.NET to Silverlight, SharePoint to SQL Server. BizTalk Server development to – oh, hell. You get it. If you like to build stuff, with Microsoft tech, I can probably help you do it in a better place than where you work now. Get in touch, and let’s get busy. Here’s how to reach me: