Pfft. There are days when I just want to leave the planet…

See, a big part of my job – maybe the major part – is finding people who have certain key skills for my clients. True, there’s landing new business, networking, negotiating salaries, yada-yada-yada, but none of that matters if I can’t produce great people for the jobs I’m trying to fill. So, every day, I spend time doing what’s called sourcing. All sorts. And, yes, sometimes I’ll look at a few resume databases – not many, since most of them tend to be full of spammers, repeat offenders, and the like, but some. Today, I was looking at Dice, which I used to like but I’m starting to seriously question at a quality level.

The major reason is the cause of today’s rant, and why the human race is making me consider stowing away on the next probe to Mars (I was to going to go with Uranus for that one, but thought I’d class things up a bit).

Today, I’m looking for people who know how to code and/ or architect applications in SharePoint. That’s a bit tough, since it’s not the most popular skill-set, and it’s also a skill-set that lots of companies around Boston are hiring for right now. Lots and lots of fishermen, teeny-tiny pool. So, I’m using ever bit of equipment I have at hand, including checking Dice. I typed in my search terms, and – et voila – up popped a great candidate: Susan Lyons. Huh-za! .NET, C#, SharePoint, awesome-fricken-sauce. Heck, she lives right downtown, in the city, which is where I need her to be.

All good. So, on behalf of a client who’s retained me to help them with Microsoft-tech related searches (Magenic – I’ve mentioned them before), I shot her a note to see if she wanted to catch up.

Then, I got suspicious. That address… SharePoint pays well, but Beacon Hill? Tres tony Boston address? Right across from the State House?  Google’s a pretty good thing – I dropped said address into said search bar, and there it was: a staffing agency.

In other words: a dirty trick. Here’s something, my friends, that you may have long suspected: recruiters? Sometimes, they lie. They do something called “rusing”: pretending to be something they ain’t. Whether it’s calling into a company receptionist, claiming to be a long-lost college buddy of “your best sales-guy”, to this one. In this case, it’s an agency (to be fair, maybe it’s a rogue recruiter at the agency) posts up a fake resume as a lure. They pick a skill-set that’s in high demand (SharePoint – check!), create a fake e-mail account for the candidate, and then post the resume up on Dice, etc all (they can’t do this on places like Stack Overflow, because those communities are more worried about their rep & quality than they are about bragging about having “millions of resumes!”). Once it’s up, unsuspecting/ perhaps a bit desperate companies start shooting them messages to set up “interviews”. The agency recruiters who put the lure out waits a day or so, then calls in “innocently” saying “I heard you were looking for SharePoint, and wow, do I have a great candidate for you!” They then rattle off the skills they listed on the fake resume, and the corporate recruiter gets excited, and agrees to sign a contract. The agency recruiter gets the contract, waits a day, then calls the company again, saying “I’m sooooo  sorry, but he/ she was soooo popular” (and, yes, generally it’s a mega-perky 23 year old with no clue that “C#” isn’t pronounced “see-pound”). “They took a job in, like 3 hours! It’s craaaazy out there! But, my colleague say she’s got someone great that they think they can get for you, so we’ll start sending over more resumes!” The best bit: they start hitting Dice, Monster, etc, desperately searching for resumes they can send over. Most of which are also fakes. It’s like a bunch of half-trained, overly excited, super-chippy sharks trying to eat each other….

Annnnd, rants over. I feel better. Sort of.