Want to move from being marked as a “New Candidate” to “Rejected” really, really quickly? Open your cover letter like this: 

In review of the requirements listed for the Business Analyst position at your client Magenic, I believe that my experience is in line with your needs. I’m currently pursuing new opportunities that focus on business development and client relationship management, and would be interested in speaking with you to discuss the strengths and experience that I can bring to this position at your client, including the following:

He goes on to list a number of strengths related to business development and selling, including cold-call training, and “ABC” attitude, etc.

Don’t get me wrong: those aren’t bad things. In fact, if the title of the role was, say, Sales Executive, this thing would make sense. But it doesn’t. At all.

My gut is he’s trying to bend and fit into any role he can, without making enough effort to demonstrate how he’s a fit. The irony is that he’s a sales guy, and not selling himself.