JobMob has a post up with a list of funny things candidates send to recruiters (hint: if you’re formatting your resume like a Playboy centerfold “fact sheet” – and you list “intelligent people” as your biggest turn-on, spell intelligent right). It’s a pretty fun read, and eye-opening. Some of those tactics actually worked.

Granted – many of them don’t. I generally recommend you only go all-in if you’ve got a good, relevant reason to do so (for instance, I’m sure Playboy’s seen the centerfold-resume schtick before, and are probably okay with it, but Bank of America might not think it’s as… appropriate). Also, be careful what you send – boob cupcakes (sense a theme here?) can, and did, misfire.

In my time, I’ve gotten a few fun ones: giant novelty aspirin; Target flip-flops; a vinyl copy of Stand! by Sly and the Family Stone; a copy of The 21 Balloons; money (seriously – well, not “real” money, just a book of McDonald’s coupons – which showed lack of research, as I’m not a fan of the golden arches). Actually, the only one that got the candidate an interview was the giant aspirin, and that’s because it was a prop in a nifty marketing campaign from the candidate. Who I’m still in contact with, because he’s clever and interesting.

I’m curious – if you’re a recruiter, what sort of weird/ greatness have you gotten? If you’re a candidate, ever tried this approach? Succeed? Fail? Would you do it again?