Just to follow up on my previous post, here’s the official job:

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialists – Mobiquity – Boston and NYC Offices

Are you interested in being a key part of a new recruiting department – one that’s focused on 21st Century recruiting? Inbound-marketing oriented, utilizing the most cutting edge tools available today, a team that will invent practices and approaches that will be emulated by other recruiters?

Want to change the world (of recruiting, at any rate)? Want to have fun while you’re at it, as part of a highly respected team that works for a company that gets how important recruiting is?

Then, what are you waiting for? Seriously: skip reading the rest of this if you understand how unique that all is, and apply. Now. Toot suite, and all of that. And (or), reach out to Martin Burns, Director of Talent Acquisition: www.linkedin.com/in/martinburns/

The idea is: you get it, too. You’re a recruiter, and you think that’s pretty darned cool. You’re proud of what you do. You want to be valued, given lots of room to experiment, and take pride in helping build a company. It’s what you do.

Recruiting for a services company is fascinating: the number of moving parts, dynamic nature of the business, and how important it is to hire the absolute best makes it a unique environment for recruitment. Layer in a start-up, rapidly scaling tech company on the cutting edge of the next wave of technology, and you’ve got a unique challenge. Mobiquity is a professional services firm working with the Global 2000 to create innovative mobile solutions and apps that drive business value.  Combining strategy, user-experience design, app development and backend integration, Mobiquity delivers solutions that span the entire mobile ecosystem, driving business innovation and competitive advantage. The people are key – and, so is recruitment.

Here are some bullets….

Roles & responsibilities

  • Be awesome. Funny helps, too.
  • Create, and maintain, talent pools of appropriate candidates for a group of roles you’ll own – heavy on the tech side, but likely to include a mix of marketing, sales, G&A, etc
  • Treat your candidates like people – because, that’s what they are. Get back to them on time, be honest about their status, don’t overpromise.
  • Partner closely with hiring authorities, making sure you understand what they need, and keeping up active communication with them throughout the hiring process.
  • Create engaging recruitment-marketing, from job descriptions and live events, to campaigns that drive candidates to the company.
  • Research & source from unique corners – you’re not on Monster: you’re on GitHub & Stack Overflow.
  • Prescreen candidates: you find it a point of pride that when it’s time to make an offer, you know exactly what it will take to close the A-player you’re looking to bring onboard.
  • Gather input from subject matter experts across the company – you’re probably a sponge by nature. You find learning fantastic.
  • Set up related campaign workflow, tracking and alerts within the CRM and marketing automation systems
  • Track, analyze and communicate to stakeholders about candidates, the hiring market, and what it will take to keep a pipeline of A-level candidates engaged and – ultimately – hired.

Qualifications & experience

  • At least 3-5 years of experience in a fast-paced recruitment environment
  • Ideally, you’ve worked corporate and agency sides of the business
  • Experience working with an ATS – we use JobVite, but that’s not required, everything’s teachable
  • You like people – and, they tend to like you…
  • Solid writing skills – you have fun creating engaging copy and job descriptions
  • Did we mention a sense of humor?
  • Organizational skills help – but, not rigidity. You need to be comfortable with a bit of chaos. It’s spicy.