So…. Dusting off the blog (yet again). I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been putting content seemingly everywhere but here (I was even trending on Twitter last week… sorta). Regardless, if you follow Good to Know, you may have wondered if I’d kicked the can into the great playground in the sky. Particularly if we aren’t connected on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or some other random social site (I probably still have a Geocities account somewhere – if only I knew Japanese…) I do tend to yap a lot on those sites.

All that said: hi there. I’ve been busy with some travel lately, and some of that has involved me confronting my greatest fear: public speaking.*

Since I’m a shameless, if slightly lackadaisical, self-promoter (you should be, too – it’s your career, you need to manage it), I thought I’d catch you up on where I’ve been – in case you own a Tardis, and want to go check it out.

These are a few highlights – I’ve done some breakouts, coffee seminars, etc in between. These stood out as, well, the most fun:

  • First up, I spent last week at the annual ERE Conference in San Diego. I was lucky enough to be invited onto the keynote panel, where we chatted about Strengthening Your Recruiting Department’s Internal Reputation and Influence. I was also asked to lead a team of recruiting leaders in a discussion around using mobile in recruitment – a topic I find fascinating.
  • Late last year, I was asked to present at HireClix’s Recruitment Media Day, which is a neat event where recruiting leaders get to meet with various vendors of recruiting tools (Indeed, LinkedIn, etc etc) all under one roof, and do some one-stop shopping. Lots of fun talking about what’s coming over the horizon in recruitment. Hat top to Scott Ryan and Neil Costa for inviting me.

Now, and, probably more importantly: where I’m going to be/ what I’m up to:

  • iRecruit Expo, Amsterdam, June 4th & 5th: That’s right – I’m crossing the Pond. And, apparently the Channel. Also a few canals. I’m leading a panel with my pal, Gordon Lokenberg. We’re going to dig into using mobile in recruitment (because, that really is the big deal everyone thinks it is). I’m also running an unconference session there, thanks to Bill Boorman.
    • If you’re interested in attending, please let me know. I’d love to catch up with you in person.
  • Day-to-day-wise, I’m still with Mobiquity. With our expansion into Europe, I’ve been spending about two weeks per month there at our office, helping with an integration, as well as looking at locations for additional offices/ hiring/ etc. It’s been fascinating. I’ve also started wearing skinnier pants, and funkier shoes. This gets me made fun of in our Boston office – and I like it…
  • I’m looking at a writing project, either an ebook, or an actualbook. I’d like to look at where the industry is going, as I think we’re in another evolutionary phase in the talent field. If you know a good publisher… feel free to warn them.

More to come – a few deals I haven’t fully committed to yet, for the fall. Once I have them set, I’ll update.



*Fine: I find shaved bears more terrifying than public speaking. You would, too: I mean, just look at this thing.