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Hi there. Thanks for coming by. My name’s Martin Burns, Strategic Consulting Leader for HireClix, a rapidly scaling consumer ad agency that focuses on recruitment advertising.

My division focuses on high-level strategy for some of the world’s leading brands. We help them understand how to beat their competition. It’s that simple. Our goal is to make talent acquisition/ recruitment leaders succeed. We leverage years (and years) of experience across a breadth of industries, and company sizes & development stages, along with brilliance in recruitment advertising and technology, to give our customers-partners a huge edge. With us in their corner, they win. Hiring faster, better, and – as a bonus – at a lower cost.

Our goal is to not just keep you from sinking, but to build you a better boat in the process. Come check us out, at hireclix.com.

(Oh, and if you’re going “Wow – I want to do work like that”, then please feel free to reach out – we’re in building mode, and always looking for great talent)

In terms of background, I’m a poet who figured out that you can’t pay bills with villanelles, and got a job. In recruiting. Turns out, I’m engaged in one of the most important parts of the economy – and, at times, helping shape it. That’s fun. Not the path I would have mapped out, 20 years ago, but a heck of a life nonetheless.

Personally/ professional history:

  • My background’s been about helping transform companies. I’ve had some neat experiences. I’ve had great bosses, mentors, colleagues, and the opportunity to work and study internationally.  Life’s been good to me.
  • I’m a husband and father – amazing extended family, and friends, all over the globe. Life’s been great to me.

I’ve been working for as long as I can remember – I sold seed packets door to door in elementary school, to win points for a baseball glove, and got hooked on the idea that effort = stuff.  Seemed like a nice, simple concept I could get behind. Work is good.

Feel free to message me here, or on social (here’s my LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)

All best,


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