So, just a random thought: would some sort of Algonquin-esqe round table, only in Newburyport, MA, over a few days next summer interest any of my recruiting friends?

Admittedly, I’m being selfish, since I live in Newburyport, but on the flip side, it’s a great place to spend a couple mellow summer days. Far from (some) of the maddening crowd, too.


I’m not talking about an organized conference, per se, maybe more along the lines of Bill Boorman‘s┬áTRUs, but even more “un” unconferency. Really just a chance for a bunch of us to spend a few days talking issues, while eating really good food (we’re surrounded by farms & the sea, so the food’s pretty amazing), sipping beer and wine (multiple breweries in town, vineyards just over the hill…), maybe sailing or just hiking and birdwatching on plum island? Vendors welcome (ie: help, we need some sponsorship if we want to make sure everyone, not just those from big brands, get a seat on the beach), but not vendor booth area – just be part of the convo, since you’ve got a perspective on it too.

Part of what’s driving this is that I’ve decided I hate (and I mean _hate_) giving talks – look, we all get nervous, but I’ve got a speech impediment to beat the band, and it’s triggered by nerves, so… yeah, things get funky for me. With that said, I love (and I mean _love_) having conversations (so, I like being panels, since they feel like conversations… I’d probably do well as a co-host on The View). So this is my way of making this fully about having a chat. With great people. While eating. By the ocean. Also, by gorgeous countryside. And a nifty downtown. Also, conversations….