Brilliant article by my friend Rob McIntosh just came out, on the SourceCon sub of ERE. I’m not going to resay what Rob said so eloquently already here, but suffice it to say: if you are in recruiting, in any function, change is about to come, rapidly. And, for the majority of you, it’s gonna hurt. Gird your loins accordingly…

Here’s a snippet:

While some of these technologies are not mainstream yet, or within the financial reach of mainstream recruiting, they are going to be sooner or later. If you believe (or don’t) in Moore’s Law or Rock’s Law, then the speed of this change is surprising some experts (aka AlphaGo, see below)

What we are seeing in the advancement of computer AI, algorithms, and deep machine learning, makes you not only think what is possible and what is next but shows you what is achievable today.

What about a robot doing a better job at assessing candidates than a human?

Meet Sophie the Robot back in 2013. Asking 76 questions about selling, recording emotional responses and facial expressions by candidates.

“She captures their [candidates] cognitive verbal responses and captures their emotional responses by monitoring changes in their facial expression, Khosla says. The whole idea is to develop the emotional profile of candidates including their passion for the job and a behavior profile and benchmark this against an organization’s best employees. Khosla insists robots will not replace humans conducting later stage interviews or employers making final hiring decisions.”

Makes you think about Khosla’s last statement. “Robots will not replace humans conducting later stage interviews or final hiring decisions.” Last time I checked the majority of recruiters do top of the funnel pre-screen interviews and don’t make hiring decisions. (Read the Rest, Here)